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Feed silo / bin

To meet the specific requirements of each poultry grower, Agromax offers a wide range of silos for feed
storage with capacities from 1,2 to 25,5 ton.

Steel silo / bin

Agromax steel silos are made of galvanised corrugated steel sheets. The design
guarantees an optimal condition for the storage of your feed. All seams are
double bolted, using bolts with plastified bolt heads to prevent corrosion.

The galvanic surface reflects the sun, preventing heat radiation and condensation
in case of big temperature fluctuations. Herewith the feed remains fresh
and its composition unchanged. A viewer window in the lower ring or cone
allows easy inspection.

Filling of the silos can be done either pneumatically or mechanically. In case of
mechanical filling a rigid filling auger is used. A special hatchlifter will be supplied
to allow easy opening of the lid on the top of the silo. The filling auger will
transport the feed from groundlevel to the hatch opening and drop it into the
silo. Once filled, the hatchlifter closes the lid, sealing the silo perfectly.

In case of pneumatical filling, the feed is blown into the silo directly from the
bulk-truck. The silo is provided with a special filling and exhaust tube. Thanks to
the unique design of the pneumatic filling-system feed-separation is prevented
and the storage capacity of the silo optimally used.

A sidewall ladder and safety cage is delivered in all of our silos.




Other models / capacities on request
The above prices is for silo for mechanical filling
Tube for pneumatic filling