SCC 7 stage climate controller

The SCC is a modern, digital climate regulator for farmers who require a simple, economical basic system for the control of the climate.

The following functions can be selected via the SCC:
- Set temperature * (for ventilation in steps)
- Set negative pressure (for flap control)
- Air humidity (for cooling control)
- Minimum ventilation level
- Band width
- Heating / Cooling difference
- Minimum alarm level
- Maximum alarm level
* the SCC is a basic regulator. This implies that it has no
curve fitting functions.

The SCC is a ventilation regulator that controls the ventilation by means of stepcontrol (max. 6 steps). For the minimum ventilation level the first step can be switched cyclical. It is possible to keep the negative pressure at a constant level by controlling the air-inlet with an extra negative pressure sensor. The heating and cooling are switched on/off by means of a relay.

When using an extra air humidity sensor, the cooling can be switched off when the air humidity rises to high. The setting of the functions is very simple. Pressing the corresponding symbol on the front of the device to enter a setting or regulation. The selected button will light up as a indication that the selected setting or regulation has been activated. Use the two arrow buttons to increase or decrease the relevant value.