Auger filling system

Flex auger filling system

Agromax flex auger systems have proven to be very reliable for transportation of the feed from silo’s to feederlines in both new and existing buildings. The design of the system enables flexible installation with the use
of 45? bends.

The drive unit consists of a frame with a direct drive flange gearbox motor with motor protection switch, Test level sensor and end-outlet. The overload-switch protects the flex auger from damage in case of blocking.

The loading hopper/silo-boot, available in horizontal and 30? sloping models, is designed for easy operation and durability. Both, the single and double are provided standard with an inspection window, shaft and ball-bearing. Diam. 440/530 mm.As an option the silo-boots can be supplied with shut off valves.

The low noise level of the special steel auger in the p.v.c. tube makes it the ideal system for feed transport in any livestock building. The tubes are produced with a glare-fitting to facilitate the connection of the tube and to assure proper sealing, which makes the system also suitable for outdoor use.

The intermediate outlets, made of p.v.c. and provided with an opening/closing slide, can be located at any position along the flex auger system

All below parts can fit almost all auger filling system brands.

System calculation

Flex - auger Model 75 Feed transportation system delivers 1300 kg/h
Flex - auger Model 90 Feed transportation system delivers 2600 kg/h
Flex - auger Model 125 Feed transportation system delivers 6000 kg/h