Traditional Pad Evaporative Cooling System

When you want to achieve the maximum possible cooling for your poultry house you can use the Agromax Traditional
Pad Evaporative Cooling System. This system can give you up to 20°C reduction, and offers your birds a
comfortable house climate even during extreme hot days. The higher the temperature and the lower the relative
humidity, the better the cooling effect as the evaporation will take place more easily.

The heart of the system are Cool-Cel pads which are made from a specially formulated cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts. It is designed with an exclusive cross-fluted configuration which induces highly turbulent mixing inside the pad between the water and the air, and contributes to the evaporative efficiency. The cross-fluted design makes Cool-Cel a strong self-supporting pad with high evaporative efficiency and low resistance to air flow. Which results in lower static pressure drop, lower pressure means higher fan performance.

A distribution pad placed on the top of the cooling pad ensures a uniform supply of the water to the cooling pad and minimises the risk of dry spots. 

The pad can be supplied in 10 or 15 cm thickness and with a height of maximum 2 meters.
Plus the cooling pad the complete system consist of:
- Gutter system consists of a top distribution gutter where water is being supplied to the distribution pad, recovery gutter recovers the water at the bottom of the pad, from it the water will be directed back to the water tank and a special U-profile frame at the sides. The frame is made of stainless steel, precoated steel, aluminium and plastic.

- Water tank with a floater to keep the water at the correct level.

- Recirculation pump to provide a continuous supply of water to the pad.

- Plumming kit with adjustable bleed-off value, offers the possibility to discharge a certain amount of water and keeps the salt level in the cooling water down to avoid blocking and deterioration of the pad.