Tunnel Fans

A series of large size, quiet running fans particularly designed for ventilation of poultry houses. Agromax tunnel fans extract large quantities of air at relatively low power consumption and installation costs.

Agromax tunnel fans have a sturdy design, they can be used freestanding as well. This makes it possible to shift them from one farm building to an other, if needed. The fan house is made of galvanised steel plate and provided with a protected wiregrill at the air-inletside. The air-outletside is provided with aluminium shutters.
these will only be opened by the air-stream. Shutters opening system: a centrifugal force patented mechanism. Its qualities are the easiness in working and complete realibility. Agromax tunnel fans use only high quality three phase motors. Motors with an adjustable frequency can be supplied on request. Blades: six self-cleaning blades made of stainless steel whose shape guarantees highest air displacement at
low pressure and with low power consumption.
Central V-belt pulley: an aluminium diecast body houses the fan’s central shaft, ballbearings, the shaft of the centrifugal system and the pulley. The compact subassembly guarantees trouble free operation over many years. The fans can also come with wire in both sides for using in air recirculation.

• Excellent ratio of air flow to electricity use, High efficiency, Low maintenance, Quiet to operate, High capacity, The shutterblades remain securely closed when the fan is not in operation.