Chick paper


What is chick paper? Chick paper is a special type of paper developed for poultry industry. The idea is simple: it is a paper with high rusting properties which can be put under each drink line. When first birds walk on the paper a rusting sound emits. The sound attracts other birds. Finally most birds are in the feed and drink area. By putting feed on the top of the paper the birds will not only find the water but
have very easy access to the feed.
Because it is highly absorbent, the paper quickly soaks up bird droppings. Also a better spread of the birds around the poultry house. Chick paper provides birds with a warmer floor cover.
The paper is highly degradable, it is no longer necessary to remove the paper from the poultry house since it
degrades within 3-5 days.
The paper comes in ideal width 68 cm which gives ideal spreading of all birds and no spillage of feed.

Chick paper feed trolley

It is a hand wagon to use in spreading chick paper and feed in it in same time, It can distribute 180 kg of
feed in one filling, via an handle the quantity of feed speed in the paper can be regulated, the feed can be distributed in the middle or in both sides above the chick paper. Size : 140 x100 x 97 cm