Electronic manual poultry scale

The scale is designed for manual bird weighing and is suitable for any type of poultry. It intends to solve the weighing problems and fulfill the weighing needs of poultry growers.

The scale weighs and records the exact weight (accuracy ± 1
gram) of each bird and performs the statistic calculation of:
• uniformity
• standard deviation 


• CV
• daily growth percentage
• average weight
• number of weights
All data of up to 10,000 birds weighing
will be stored in an unerasable
memory in a format of farm number,
flock number, house number and

growth day. This allows the poultry grower to weigh a large number of birds in different houses over a few weeks or months.

Easy to use
The scale is user-friendly and completely portable since it is operated with a recharge-able battery.
It can operate 7-8 hours on this battery, and has a battery back up and an unerasable memory which avoids the loss of data even in the case of low battery voltage. The scale is automatically turned off if not in operation for 5 minutes. This
helps to prolong the battery life.

Printing data
The scale can be connected to a printer or a computer.
All data stored in the scale can be printed.
A software program for Windows can be supplied to print graphics, tables, etc. for all weighing needs.