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Axial/Variable Speed Fan


The Agromax Variable Speed Fan is made of the best materials. The motor housing, the fixing supports and the mounting plate are of cast aluminium: corrosion resistant. The impellers are made of high quality plastic: nylon with fibre glass and polyprophylene.


The rear cover is made of a special, flameproof plastic. The guard is galvanized and passivated. All materials - motor and grease-filling of the ball bearing included - resist temperatures up to 115ºC. The ball bearings have an extremely low noise level. 
The fixing materials are made of stainless steel.
Agromax Variable Speed fans can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically. The capacity is controllable in a continuously variable way by changing the number of revolutions of the motor via the main voltage

Agromax Variable Speed fans have low current consumption, also low noise level. The motors are made according to the IP 55 standard (dust and waterproof) and the applied materials meet the standards of insulation class F (resistant to temperatures up to 155ºC).

The fans can be delivered for single and three-phase mains.


Tube fan


Agromax tube fans can be fitted vertically or horizontally. They operate under all conditions. The rigid fixing makes it possible to obtain a minimum tip gap - this is the distance between the end of the impeller and the inside of the tube radius - so guaranteeing a maximum air flow. The fans are infinitely variable. In comparison tests, the fans prove their very low power consumption. The noise emission, too, is very low compared to competitive fans. The fans have an excellent output efficiency and comply with stringent safety specifications.